About Us


Optimizing today’s technology in the ever-expanding design of a complete clinical trials management system that commits to offering flawless data quality, enhanced time management, and decreased cost.



DDOTS, Inc. has a broad and diversified background, being drawn to the health care field with projects ranging from the development of dental office billing software to a quality assurance program for a home health agency.   A unique project that captured the interest of DDOTS was the opportunity to write a medical record program for a clinic in Lucea, Jamaica - this began the pathway for medical research systems!

In 1995 DDOTS was engaged by a National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical trials program to develop software for patient tracking and scheduling. What captured the interest of the DDOTS team was the fact that clinical trials were being conducted and tracked using 5”x 7” notecards or Excel spreadsheets at best. A vision for a comprehensive, end-to-end clinical trials management solution was conceived, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

As a pioneer in the field of software development for clinical trials, DDOTS was first to develop a complete suite of solutions for the research arena. DDOTS integrates comprehensive workflow technology needed throughout the clinical trial process into a single, open Web platform, managing massive amounts of data from patient registration to compliance to cost.

How we work

For the past 20+ years, DDOTS has been committed to partnering with clients to optimize today's technology in the ever-expanding design of a complete clinical trials management system.  We are passionate in our commitment to ongoing development of a system that facilitates flawless data quality, enhanced time management, and decreased cost.

Partnering with Users: Clients as "Members"

The development of CREDIT set in motion a framework for partnering with clients that continues today. Initially funded in 1995 through a cooperative agreement from the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Institutes of Health, the CREDIT “project” was developed in conjunction with two NCI-sponsored community research programs and three NCI-sponsored research bases. Today, all member institutions are encouraged to submit ideas to enhance DDOTS’ software. Following the incorporation of these additional elements into DDOTS’ products, updates are distributed so that the “best practices” of members are shared with DDOTS’ nationwide client community.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

DDOTS offers four systems for clinical trials management – and all as SaaS:   CREDIT (clinical trials management system), IDEA (investigational drug inventory management), IRBANA (Institutional Review Board Administration), and BIOSPEC (biospecimen management system).  All four systems communicate with each other to provide seamless solutions, hosted on dedicated Web servers.  Advantages include predictable costs with minimal upfront investment as well as automatic upgrades and security enhancements. 

DDOTS provides these solutions to alleviate the stress on in-house IT departments as they struggle to manage the complexities of multiple software systems required by specialty program areas.

It can be argued that CREDIT is the most affordable clinical trials management system on the market.  There is no purchase required. The IDEA, BIOSPEC and IRBANA programs have great flexibility with availability as stand-alone systems or modules of CREDIT.

Key Pricing Elements

Annual licensing fees are found hereand the number of affiliate sites and users covered by one license is unlimited.

All software updates are free – and software is updated every 14 days.

New protocols can be downloaded for a mere $50 each, and all subsequent protocol updates/revisions are free no matter how long the protocol is open or how many updates there are. Or, if you choose, you can build your own studies at no cost. The number of protocols that can be accommodated is unlimited.

And most critical . . . there is never a charge for technical support.

Customer Service

Unrivaled technical support. Email, telephone and web training support is provided during regular business hours M-F. We are resolute in our promise to provide a quick response when needed. Sometimes we know you need help before you do! We have an “issue capture” system that monitors the DDOTS systems nationwide. If an issue occurs, it is often corrected by the time the user reports it.

Installation and an individualized roll-out plan. The DDOTS team works with you each step of the way to design and implement an installation plan that is customized to your institution, from research program staff to your IT department needs.

Data conversion from existing systems. One of the keys to a successful installation and transition to new software is accurate and complete data migration from an existing clinical trials system. DDOTS has completed data conversions from just about all software programs available, from “home grown” systems to those currently on the market.

On-site training as well as individualized web-based training. Recognizing that it is never easy to adapt to new software irrespective of the “user friendliness” of the program, DDOTS conducts on-site training for staff concurrent with the software installation to provide the support necessary for a successful transition.  Web-based training is available on an ongoing basis.

Hosting services on dedicated servers. This requires no upfront capital investment and relieves institutions from the burden of managing, maintaining and supporting a custom system.  Our servers pass annual HIPAA-compliance audits by an independent third party.